Borderline Tech

Cutting Edge – No Bleed

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A Technology Hub

We bring cutting edge tech to give real solutions. At the edge, and we make sure no bleed

Forward Thinking

Progressive and dynamic, we have the forward DNA, and yes, we have a lot of vision

Problem Solvers

At the core, this is what we do. We solve problems and make things better. One aim – a better life


We stay with our clients through multiple phases, ensuring optimal results are realized from our work

Our Story

We worked in a few places and saw inefficiencies in process. We did some living too and there was so much sub-optimal. We thought to ourselves – things can be done better.

With passion, and a vision of solutions and creating near optimal organizations using technology, Borderline was born. Technology should make things easier, not at all more complex, and we bring this to bear in our work. We have a mission to engender a better quality of life for all we can reach using technology. Our vision is to leave our country full of smart homes, efficient businesses – small, medium, large – all touched by our work.

  • Networks 90%
  • Security 80%
  • Process 95%
  • Systems 90%
Ugorji Nnanna

Ugorji Nnanna


Maybe we can think a little and make life easier, make businesses tick better, and some staff have a better day. I try to think up ways to make this happen, and I  have a lot of help from many other thinkers.

Chuks Ikoro

Chuks Ikoro


Structure is essential, better if it’s correct from the start. I usually can read the parts and put the blocks together, think LEGO. Lol.

Chidi Nnanna

Chidi Nnanna


Execution is key – never forget this. How do ideas come to life? We have to sort of mold and sculpt them. I’ve not learned with clay yet, but with the intangibles, we can create value.