Paint this picture in your mind – two PCs connected directly using an ethernet cable. We can use any IP address at both ends as long as they are in the same subnet.
Now imagine two separate networks in two different locations, and imagine we have PCs at each of these locations that we want to connect like they are in same network, connected by an ethernet cable, a point to point link.
EOIP comes into play here, it can solve this issue. It is a Mikrotik RouterOS protocol that creates an ethernet tunnel between two routers on top of an IP connection.
We just need IP connectivity between the two sites – this could be over a public IP address, or a private WAN, and then take steps below:
– Access Router connected to WAN on any specified port for  WAN
– In Interfaces create EOIP tunnel
– In “Local Address“, add MT IP address
– In “Remote Address” add IP address of MT at the other side
– Create Bridge
– Add EOIP tunnel and port 2 (or any port to be used for LAN) to the bridge
– Do same for router at remote end
Voila, a P2P link is created, devices connected to the LAN at both ends can see themselves like there were a single cable between them.