Running a successful business and managing customer expectations in this era of globalization has become more complex. Activities now need to happen simultaneously and quickly, from marketing campaigns, to data analysis, meetings, and customer care. To do this, you need a system that not only works, but is able to meet up and integrate with the current rapid technological developments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) encompasses the different practices, strategies and technologies used in meeting up with these activities (marketing, data analysis, meetings and customer care). CRM system design makes it possible acquire information across various channels and gives information about the customer at a glance.

A good CRM system will be a multifaceted platform where things crucial to the development, improvement, and retention of your customer relationships is stored. It is impossible to tap into the growth opportunities possible across different media without an integrated CRM system.


CRM Software

CRM software is used to consolidate customer information and documents into a single CRM database so business users can access and manage it easily. Another critical feature includes recording various customer interactions (over phone calls, emails, social media or other channels), automation of workflow processes and procedures, calendars and alerts, and tracking for performance and productivity based on logged information by users.

With CRM as a business tool, customer-facing component of your business becomes easier to manage. A CRM will help you to better:

  • track and manage sales opportunities
  • put customer information in a centralized location
  • analyze data
  • provide business intelligence
  • improve and facilitate communications
  • provide responsive customer service
  • automate your marketing interactions

BGN CRM Implementation

Whether you know about CRM or not, BGN is ready to hold you by hand and walk from conception to implementation, and going live with your CRM solution. Whether it is a vendor specific CRM or Open-Source, an On-Premise solution or a Cloud solution, BGN is available to help you deploy.

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